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Amazon Ecuador



We have many activities you can do while staying with us, such as;


Guided walks

During day- and night walks the experienced guide will explain all about flora and fauna, medicinal, poisonous and otherwise useful plants, and he on how to survive in rainforest.

Canoe rides

During peddle and motorized canoe rides you will explore the black waters of Pañacocha lake and also the small rivers, to see all forms of wildlife (birds, monkeys, sloths, otters etc).

Bird watching

The Pañacocha Reserve is home to 450 species of birds! If you are a bird lover, this is your opportunity to find and watch beautiful or rare species.


If you like you can swim every day in the lagoon, from the lodge or a canoe. To fresh up in the morning or to cool down after an exciting rainforest day. Afterwards you can enjoy the mesmerizing sunset.

Piraña Fishing

During your stay you will have the opportunity to try to fish for piranha.

Forest medicine

The guide can show you many medicinal plants and explain how they are used by the rainforest indigenous people. Most of the medicines used in the western world have their origin in primary rainforest.

Plants and trees

The guide can demonstrate how certain parts of plants and trees are used for their materials by rainforest indigenous people. They use it for hammocks, bags, houses, spears and blowpipes, but also in the western world lots of rainforest materials are used.

Wildlife watching

In the Pañacocha Reserve live 7 species of monkeys, sloths, pink dolphins, sometimes peccaries, capibaras, giant river otters and even Manatees. You can tell the experienced guide what you like to see. Because he knows where to look, you have better chances to see it.


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